• About ME

    Hi, I'm Shervin! I'm a fourth year physics student, and I've been the RCSU Welfare Officer for two years. I'm now running to be your next DPW!

    Why am I running?

    I've worked hard over the last two years representing over 3,000 natural sciences students in all welfare related issues. This has given me a chance to see what the problems are at Imperial and what can be done to make a difference. There's a lot more that the Union and College could be doing to help us - I want to be the one driving the necessary changes to make this happen.




    As RCSU Welfare Officer, I have:

    • Led the student involvement in the faculty personal tutoring review, resulting in student feedback being taken into account in compulsory training

    • Successfully implemented the Wellbeing Representation Network in the RCSU, leading a team of over 20 reps

    • Represented over 3,000 students, chairing the Faculty Student Staff Committee Board with senior staff across the faculty

    • Organised a successful Welfare Week reaching hundreds of students with messages about positive welfare


  • my manifesto

    I will consistently champion the student voice to College by:

    • Lobbying to remove the £95 Disabilities Advisory Service diagnosis cost

    • Fighting for subsidies to private therapy services whilst the counselling service expands

    • Consulting you on and review the provision of menstrual products around College

    • Expanding LGBT+ Ally Networks to all departments

    To ensure the Union maximises its support for students, I will:

    • Reform wellbeing rep and liberation officer training to better equip officers

    • Work with the Felix editor to re-establish the Felix Welfare section, giving students an outlet and raising awareness about welfare topics

    • Investigate new pastoral systems for postgraduates and ensure Union representation at all levels

    Having worked closely with previous DPWs, I’ve seen how the introduction of the Wellbeing Representation Network has transformed the role - the next DPW needs to better work with this network to enact change. I’m the candidate with the experience necessary to do this, so #VoteShervIn as your DPW!